TRANSFORMER E TRAFO is a manufacturer of Chokes, Coils and small to middle size Transformers.

The production conforms to the international tendencies and meets the requirements of European standards as well as with the Customers’ technical specifications: power, input voltages, output voltages, currents, type of protection, dimensions, mounting system, isolation.

Due to the experience in the field of the managing team, the investment in modern appliances and the excellent quality of the production at optimal prices, along with personnel professionalism, is the basis of satisfying market demands and clients satisfaction.

The technical resources and know-how allow design and manufacture of products, according to the necessities and demands of our customers.

All innovations are incorporated according to standards required and Customers’ requirements.


  • Developing a Company of utmost technological and organisational efficiency.
  • To offer our customers quality products which should to the greatest extent satisfy and exceed their requirements and expectations.
The immediate objective that the Managing Body has set is opening opportunities for continual increase in the production capacity in order to achieve capacities satisfying the current level of demand. An immediate task of prime concern in TRANSFORMER E TRAFO’s company policy is to support excellent production quality.


The Vision of TRANSFORMER E TRAFO srl is oriented towards working with our Customers as with our Partners and having the vision of a long-term partner with a strategic position. Trough the realisation of our Mission and Vision we achieve:

  • the meeting of the terms for the realization of the qualities agreed upon;
  • guaranteed quality